Napkin folding as a Fan

Table decoration with napkins

Napkin folding as a Fan

If you have a special occasion or event in your life it is high time to free your fantasy and use some creative ideas. It’s worth to begin with lovely decoration and table decoration is one of the important points of it. Let’s do something amazing with napkins that will call attention of guests, of course, and add some charm to atmosphere of a feast.

Napkin folding as a Fan

We propose you a nice and elegant idea of napkin folding in the form of a Fan. For such decoration it is possible to use as plain as colorful napkins depending on aims you would like to reach in the design.

For such technique of napkin folding it is better to use paper napkins of high quality. For calm and composed atmosphere plain napkins will be quite the thing, and for more fascinating and expressive look – colourful ones. Choose spirit of your party or a special event by yourself!

Folding of plain or colourful napkins

For our napkin folding you need a napkin around 40 cm wide, but smaller napkins will also be quiet all right for making original Minifans. Now fold the end of the napkin to 3 cm wide in an accordion manner and press it thoroughly.

Napkin folding in an accordion manner

Continue to fold it in such a manner and press each strip of napkin at folding. To have a more excellent result you can fold the napkin in thinner strips and then the fan will be more gorgeous.

Napkin looks like a gorgeous fan

When the entire napkin has the form of accordion put the opposite ends together by bending this napkin in the centre.

Use of a napkin ring to make a wonderful Napkin-Fan

Then take this bent part of the napkin and insert it in a special napkin ring. And it is also possible to use a paper clip instead of the napkin ring. Adjust the free ends of the napkin if necessary.

So, with little effort you have got a wonderful Napkin-Fan now. Be sure that this piece of décor will make your guests happier and tempt their appetite.